The Law Kills (iMarriage)

How does the verse “the law kills” relate to marriage? The law represents perfection so are you perfect? Is your spouse perfect? According to the Bible, all of us have sinned, all of us fall short, all of us will die, will be killed. Pretty grim picture would you not agree? So if the law kills and we will all be killed for breaking it, how can we escape the guilty verdict? We need Someone to take that guilt and punishment from us and set us free from the law. Enter Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, and enter grace! The law says something very simple, if you break the law, if you break even the least law, the most seemingly insignificant law, you will die. Faced with this very stark reality, God intervened to save us. Christ died in our place thereby releasing us from the law. When we trust in the payment of the Perfect Sacrifice of Christ for our sins, we leave the Old Covenant (law) and enter into a New Covenant (grace). Think of it this way, you leave conditional love and enter unconditional love. Since it is impossible for conditional and unconditional to co-exist, you cross over from death to life and are no longer under the supervision of the law! There are no conditions that you must meet in order to have a relationship with God because all the conditions are fulfilled by Christ. If your relationship with God depended in any way on your ability to keep the law, you would be doomed.

Now, let’s talk about your marriage. Are you requiring that your spouse meet certain conditions to be accepted by you? Does your spouse know that your love is a gift with no strings attached?
Your marriage is legalistic if you are trying to control your spouse through placing your expectations on him or her. Those expectations are conditions and laws that can kill your relationship.
Can you spend 40 minutes listening to a life changing message on this topic? When my wife and I listened to iMARRIAGE, we were never the same again. Please consider what Andy Stanley has to say in this powerful message. As much as I can possibly exhort you, take the time to hear this life changing truth. It will make your marriage better and it just might save your marriage.

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