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Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world (after Christianity and Islam) with nearly 1 billion followers who live primarily in India. The Hindu faith is a combination of diverse traditions with no single founder. As a result, there are many expressions of Hinduism. For more history and background please visit Hinduism in Wikipedia. Most would agree that this way of life is very complex. There is no one God who is worshipped rather there are many schools of thought about who God is and how He exists or even if there is a God. To help see the side by side comparison, please take a look at this chart.

(Chart page. http://www.diffen.com/difference/Christianity_vs_Hinduism)

The key difference between Christianity and Hinduism centers on grace (salvation is a gift) vs. law (salvation comes through religious effort). Hindus believe that salvation comes through good deeds which are inherent in the concept of karma. In other words, salvation is a process that includes reincarnation that enables the individual to go through successive levels of enlightenment and many lives.

The most significant issue of all is the Person of Jesus Christ. If Christ is who He said He was, He is God. Furthermore, since He is God, He is the only Person who has ever lived a sinless life.

No human being can possibly achieve perfection according to the Bible. Even if reincarnation was true, no one would ever be able to evolve to the place where sinlessness could be achieved.

Christ was able to take the sins of the world upon Himself so that we could be free of sin and sin’s penalty by faith in what Christ did for us. That forgiveness is a gift that we can never earn.

We can only receive the removal of sin through faith in Christ not good works. 

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