What Does Born Again Mean?

Just as we are born physically, we must be born spiritually. The process is the same—the seed unites with a receptive host to create new life. Spiritually, the seed is truth and the host is the human heart.

A person is born again by believing the truth—that’s the receptive part. That raises the all-important question…what is truth?

This famous question was once asked by Pontius Pilate. In hindsight, we know that Truth was standing right in front of him. Jesus said this about himself: “I am the way, the truth and the life” and “Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life”.

We now understand that God the Father sent Jesus to die for us so that we could have eternal life.

Think of the human heart as “soil.” The failures in our life tend to beat down on that soil and make it hard. Weeds can grow and make it very difficult for any seed to penetrate. Jesus invites us to confess our failures (the weeds of sin) and forgive others who have hurt us (those who have stepped on our hearts to help harden them) by believing that His death on the cross paid the price in full for all sins of all the world—including ours. Believing in Christ makes the soil fertile; prepared to receive the Seed into our hearts. When that happens, new life is created!

New life is always the result of seed dying to itself to create another life. We are so loved by God that He offers eternal life to all who believe in Christ. Acceptance of the Seed changes every believer forever. We are born again into God’s family as His children. We receive the perfect nature of God into our very being, not because of anything that we did to deserve life, but because just like our physical life, our spiritual life is a gift.

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