What Does Conversion Mean?

To convert is to change from an old way to a new way. Every human being was born into a nature that was inherited from their parents, who inherited it from their parents. Our “natural” way is at odds with God’s way. All of us have the natural tendency to run our own life—that happens as soon as we arrive as babies. This desire for independence conflicts with God because He wants to direct our lives. Typically a “tug of war” takes place within our hearts and sets up an internal struggle.

Many people keep control and never surrender to God. But others eventually realize that God is far more able to direct our lives so they give God control. When this happens, a convert goes from the old, natural way to a new, supernatural way. Specifically, we can make Jesus the Lord of our life. At the moment of conversion, we are “born again” from our old human nature into God’s family with a new nature.

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