Is Jesus God?

Jesus said that He was God many times in the Scriptures. In one incident, He said He had lived even before Abraham was born. This statement infuriated His religious opponents because they knew that He was setting himself above time, therefore, claiming to be God. Jesus said that He was the Messiah, the fulfillment of all the promises of the Old Testament. In the end, Christ was crucified because He said He was equal to God. Many times, as He was teaching His followers, He directed them to worship Him above all others, including their mother, father, spouse, and children.Some additional signs besides His verbal claims to divinity were His miracles. Through eyewitness accounts written for our behalf in four gospels, Jesus asserts power over nature, sickness of all kinds, demonic spirits, and, ultimately, death itself. He multiplied the loaves and fishes, changed water to wine, and walked on water. All of these dramatic events were given to us to answer this very question.Finally, there is the sinless life of Jesus. There is no person in human history who was perfect, without any sin whatsoever. Jesus could never be the perfect sacrifice for our sins if He was just like any other man. He was fully human, but He was fully divine at the same time, born of a human mother impregnated by the Spirit of God.If he was not God, He would need a savior too. But, on the basis of His spotless, innocent life, He offered himself as the “lamb without defect” for the sake of the entire world. Because He was God, death could not hold Him captive; He rose victoriously three days after His death to prove His sovereignty over life and death.

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