If God is Good and All-Powerful, Why Does He Allow Suffering?

This question has been asked by all of us sooner or later, for when tragedy strikes, we can easily wonder about God’s character or capabilities. That God is less than good or He is insufficient in power are both potential conclusions that can lead a person to reject God. We might be tempted to think, “If you really loved me, you would not have let that happen.”God has placed the desire for perfection in our hearts, and He is the one who will someday make all things new and the pain will go away. Death will be swallowed up in victory and suffering will cease to exist. The paradise that Adam and Eve forfeited will be restored to last forever. However, until that time comes, we live in imperfection, which means that there will be suffering.One of the major reasons for the imperfections in this world is “free will.” God made us free to choose. This freedom is necessary because God wants people to choose to love Him. God loves us and has chosen to die for us that we might choose Him and have a personal relationship with Him. Love without choice ceases to be love.Unfortunately, free will opens the door for bad choices, too, and suffering is usually the result. This pain can be physical, emotional, relational, financial, or spiritual. God warned the first human beings He created not to use their free will to reject His authority. But they rebelled against God and the consequence was a fallen world. Everything in creation came under a curse. As a result, we see suffering in every part of life through foolish or evil choices. God is allowing all of this to continue on His time clock for reasons that we often cannot understand. 

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